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Commerce Server User Group

Just had the first User Group meeting for Commerce Server 10. It was interesting to hear about some of the projects that are out there. There is one public site already live. Thanks to all that attended.

Commerce Server Inventory System Part 7

Common Inventory Scenarios There are a couple of scenarios that are common enough to justify a discussion on how to set them up in the Inventory System. Among these scenarios are:

• Configuring SKUs to be back-orderable
• Configuring SKUs to be pre-orderable

Configuring your Web site to allow your customers to purchase back-ordered SKUs and pre-order unavailable SKUs increases your ability to maximize sales. Rather than having to wait for inventory levels to be replenished, you can continue to market and sell out-of-stock or unreleased inventory. Customers expect and demand this functionality, and if you are unable to satisfy these demands you risk losing your customers.
Configuring SKUs to be Back-Orderable Giving your customers the ability to back-order inventory adds rich functionality and flexibility to your Web site. Fortunately, setting up this process is both straightforward and simple. For the golf pro shop, you want to make sure that the product variants can continue to be p…