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Corrections to 10232 Designing and Developing Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 Applications

In Lab7 Exercise 1, you need to change the SharePoint path in the solution to point to the correct site.
After completing Lab 9 exercise 1, the first web part still has an error message.Problem is a damaged GUID in the web.config BindingRedirect. Explantion is here: Lab 11 gives an error importing the solution file. Solution is to make sure the Visual Studio Solution has a short path name by bringing it closer to the root. Lab 12 Exercise to is missing the OK step to create the web app and the site collection. Module 12 Optional Exercise 3 needs to change the SharePoint site path in the properties of the solution. Lab 14 Exercise 1, the error message at the end of step 4 can be ignored. Step 5 is missing a step to add the Unit Test to List of Tests, this can be done with drag and drop. Step 7 should be changed to find text “Libraries” rather than “Contoso Performance List Test”.