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Commerce Server Inventory System Part 6

Creating an Inventory CatalogThe process of creating an inventory catalog is straightforward and relatively simple. Inventory catalogs are created through the Catalog Manager, and then product catalogs are mapped to them.  A product catalog can only be mapped to one inventory catalog, but an inventory catalog can have many product catalogs. The pro golf shop requires only one inventory catalog, but both the base and virtual product catalogs must be mapped to the inventory catalog.  The reason both catalogs are mapped is that inventory quantity must be allocated for both the online retail customers and the trading partners. A default inventory catalog already exists, called Default.  This catalog cannot be deleted, and will be used for the golf pro shop inventory catalog. To create the inventory catalog, you can use the Catalog Manager.            1.       Click Start > All Programs > Microsoft Commerce Server > Catalog Manager.            2.       Under the View pane, click Invent…