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Commerce Server Inventory System Part 3

The Inventory Schema Just as the Catalog System has a schema used as a template to define the product catalog, so too does the Inventory System have a schema used to define an inventory catalog. There are two types of inventory metadata: Inventory Catalog Metadata, and Inventory Stock-Keeping Unit (SKU) Metadata. * Inventory Catalog Metadata: This metadata is similar to catalog metadata, except that it pertains to the Inventory System. This metadata includes the catalog name, date created, description, and the last modified date. * Inventory Stock-Keeping Unit (SKU) Metadata: The SKU is the unique identifier for a product, and allows a product to be tracked for inventory purposes. See Table 4-1 for detailed SKU metadata properties. Inventory Stock-Keeping Unit (SKU) Metadata Property Name Property Description Backorder Availability date The backorder availability date property is the earliest date when the back-ordered SKU is available for shipping. Backorder Limit …

InfoPath FormService MemoryCacheSize default

Technet says 250 MB. MSDN says 300 MB.I suspect the first figure is correct. The 300 MB is the threshold as explained here.