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Commerce Server Template Pack for SharePoint 2010

At our User Group meeting last week, I installed the Template Pack live on a SharePoint 2010 installation. Several asked to have the procedure I used, so here goes.

The main point with the template pack is that it works with CS2009, you do not have to wait for R2.

1. First you will need a functioning SharePoint 2010 installation. This has quite a high Hardware Spec, with 64 bit and 8 GB. I did my Hyper V installation with 4 GB, but I am not recommending this. If you are using virtual images you will need a separate machine as a domain controller. Yes, I know you there are other options, hacking SharePoint (for local accounts) or hacking Commerce Server (so that you can install on a domain controller) but the whole point is to have a supported installation.

2. Second you will need to go through the usual fun process: Install Commerce Server 2007, Configure, Install Commerce Server 2009, Configure. Make sure you have everything you need (eg. Business Tools) otherwise you will have to unins…