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Recipe: IIS Compression with IIS 6.0

CSCRIPT.EXE ADSUTIL.VBS SET W3Svc/Filters/Compression/DEFLATE/HcFileExtensions "htm" "html" "txt" "css" "js" CSCRIPT.EXE ADSUTIL.VBS SET W3Svc/Filters/Compression/GZIP/HcFileExtensions "htm" "html" "txt" "css" "js" CSCRIPT.EXE ADSUTIL.VBS SET W3Svc/Filters/Compression/DEFLATE/HcScriptFileExtensions "asp" "exe" "axd" "aspx" CSCRIPT.EXE ADSUTIL.VBS SET W3Svc/Filters/Compression/GZIP/HcScriptFileExtensions "asp" "exe" "axd" "aspx" CSCRIPT.EXE ADSUTIL.VBS SET W3Svc/Filters/Compression/DEFLATE/HcDynamicCompressionLevel "9" CSCRIPT.EXE ADSUTIL.VBS SET W3Svc/Filters/Compression/GZIP/HcDynamicCompressionLevel "9"
blobcache location="C:\blobCache" path="\.(gif|jpg|png|css|js)$" maxsize="10" age="86400" enabled="false">

Commerce Server - Cannot connect to named instance

Have seen this several times during install or CSConfig, have found that the best solution is to give the exact port number of the SQL instance and to make sure that you are communicating over TCP.

Bug in Catalog System - Error Cannot delete default Language

Haven't seen this documented anywhere.If the default Catalog language is not en-US, it will not let you delete en-US, you get the error "cannot delete default language. Heard the solution from one of the delegates in my Commerce Server Experts Training, you need to change the language of the Catalog Manager temporarily away from en-US.
With thanks to Ralf Höppner.

Publicly accessible CS2009 site on SharePoint!

Just came across this site built on SharePoint and Commerce Server 2009. Would be interested to hear of any other public sites on the same architecture.

Virtualpc has no networks when booted in hyper-v

Seems to be a HAL problem. Use MSconfig.exe to change boot options, advanced to detect HAL.

CS: Direct Mailer

Reminder: Add the Marketing Web Service account(not just the DM Service Account) to the DML_SG Group Add CommerceDirectMailerAuthenticationModule to the HttpModule section of the web.config

Recipe: SharePoint Excel Services

From MSDN:
By default, cross-domain workbook and data connection access is not allowed. To allow workbooks in trusted file locations
stsadm.exe -o Set-EcsSecurity -Ssp -AllowCrossDomainAccess true|falseThe requesting Web pages and the workbooks or data connections must reside in the same farm.

Recipe: Setting up Interfarm SSP

1. Parent farmFind out Sql name and configdb name. Give read rights to config db to whom? msdn says child farm administrator account Provide ssp to child farms Give child farm user rights to parent ssp blog says child farm CA app pool
2. Child farm Set up to consume web services msdn says parent farm admin must be granted Full Read to each child Web application using Web App policy Assign WApps to parent ssp

Schema changes CS 2007 SP2 and CS2009

Have been upgrading some systems from CS2007 SP1 to SP2 and then on to CS2009. The question came up if there are any schema changes between these versions. I took a backup of the product catalog before and after these changes and used Red Gate SQL Toolbelt to compare the databases. There were changes to contraints and stored procedures but no schema changes.