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Commerce Server 2009 R2 (CS 2010)

Tried out R2 today. Since R2 is 64 bit only it had to wait until I had finally got myself a 64 bit laptop and installed Windows 2008 and HyperV. The installation went well, was the way it should be without the old complexity that a CS2009 installation must have CS2007 installed. (That said, I didn 't find any migration options.) Was a little puzzled that the IIS 7 still had to have IIS 6 compability installed, surely we can make a clean break here. Haven't tried the new Business toolbar yet, that is next on my list. The broker still can't do authentication so the dream of a true CS application server must wait a little longer.

Commerce Server User Group

We formed the Commerce Server User Group last week. Meetings will be held online. We have members from 4 countries so far: US, Denmark, France, Germany. Details here: