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Microsoft SharePoint Courses

There used to be just two (not very well designed) SharePoint MOC courses, one on WSS, one on MOSS. They can be great courses if the instructor does a lot of extra work. Now there is an explosion of SharePoint courses on the Microsoft courseware library. Some are excellent, some do not work at all.

MOC courses.
MOC 5060
WSS I have given this one. Needs quite a bit of work to make it into a great experience for the student.
MOC 5943 German version of 5060. No extra problems in the German version.MOC 5061 MOSS. Same problems as 5060.
MOSS 5945 German version of 5061. Need to check first if administrators really use the German version of SharePoint.
MOC 6438. This is the 5060 using Windows 2008 instead of 2003.

Courseware Library
Wherever there is no vpc for a course, this means quite a bit of work to set up the labs and make sure they work.
50003A Customizing and Extending Enterprise Content Management Solutions No vpc. 1 day course.Lab on reusable content should work fine, just need to make so…

Commerce Server 2009 Resources

List of sites using MOSS 2007.