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First Commerce Server 2009 course!

We are giving a combined CS2007 and 2009 course on the 9th to 11th March. We have delegates from the Netherlands and Sweden. We will take half a day and cover the delta between 2007 and 2009 as well as SharePoint architecture

Commerce Server 2009 and Developer Edition

You cannot upgrade a Developer edition of Commerce Server 2007 to 2009. You have to first upgrade the Developer edition to the Enterprise Edition.That means (after packaging and backing up databases):Uninstall Dev, install Enterprise, Run SP1, Run Config Wizard.You can get the Enterprise Edition for free if you have an MSDN subscription.I do not see this as a big problem for us as a training center, I have not come across a student who does not have access to MSDN. This is the recommended method.

We do not recommend changing the key:
/HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Microsoft/Commerce Server 2007
to have productName: Microsoft Commerce Server 2007 Enterprise Edition and SKU: ENT.
This will leave your machine in an unsupported state!

PerformancePoint 2007 Planning module is not dead yet

Since Microsoft announced discontinuing the PerformancePoint 2007 Planning module, we are considering rebuilding the Planning module and offering it as a standalone product. But first we have to establish that there is a business need for it. If you think this product would be useful to you, please drop me an email. If you think that you would like to help with creating this product we would also like to hear from you. The Microsoft team has encouraged us, but cannot offer support. Please email pps at
Update: Microsoft has made the source code for the planning module available. See

Video - Using Visual Studio 2008 and Workflow

Here is my video in from the Sharepoint Konferenz. As you can see from the spelling of "Konferenz", the video is in German.

How to change the currency of the Starter Site

The Starter Site documentation tends to lead you astray here, most people start trying to change the catalogs without success. The answer is to change the Web.config from

commerceComponents baseCurrencyCode="USD" baseCurrencyCulture="en-US"

to (for example)

commerceComponents baseCurrencyCode="EUR" baseCurrencyCulture="de-DE"

Video - How to Skin the Starter Site.

Still waiting for Microsoft to release my Commerce Server 2007 video. I have cached it here until it appears on MSDN.