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Mojave Installation Step by Step

Here are my installation instructions for installing Mojave and Windows SharePoint Services to try out the web parts. (18.11.2008)

Book review time again

Two books have just come across my desk, as courtesy from Microsoft Press. Microsoft Office SharePoint Best Practices and MCTS Self-Paced Training Kit Windows Presentation Foundation.

Obviously I looked at the SharePoint one first. I am a MindSharp Authorized Trainer and so am not completely independent, but I must admit that I came to the book with considerable skepticism. I already add a lot of best practices from my consulting experience into my classes and so expected to be frustrated by dogmatic opinions that were formed simply by different experience. The book was much more reasonable and less prescriptive than I feared, I would not take every statement as gospel, and obviously there are differences this side of the Atlantic, but it is an excellent start to planning a SharePoint project and is a book that is sorely needed. Pity is has no index.

The Training kit for WPF was especially interesting to me since I had been doing technical writing for Microsoft for much of NET 3.5 but I…

Public Release of Commerce Server Roadmap.

Here is the information that was released for public distribution at the WPC.

Extra considerations about Commerce Server 2007 SP2

Note that there is no rollback for SP2.
You also have to make sure that you have no post SP1 hotfixes installed. How do you make sure of this?
See the list of fixes in this KB article:
Or if you are having problems then you may need the CS2007SP1QFERemover tool:

Unattended install of SP2 is possible but unsupported:
sp2setup /q /msioptions "QUIETINSTALL=1" /NoRestart /Log "%TEMP%\CS2007SP2.log"
And SP2 is English only.

System Center Operation Manager 2007 pack released

No need to hack the MOM 2005 pack any more, the OM pack for Commerce Server 2007 is released here. But you have to install the backward compatiblity update.

My Session at SharePoint Conference.

Just presented a session at the German SharePoint Konferenz which was combined with the Visual Studio launch. Hope they will have a Commerce Server conference sometime!